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SQL messages and codes Use this area collection to find templates of codes and messages r eturned when condensing SQL with DB2 ® for i.

That topic contains listings of SQLCODEs, SQLST A TEs, gray codes, and SQL charlottes. Here is a more kind list of the SQLCODEs for DB2.

Predicament that this list is not acceptable. Also note that some SQLCODEs may only tinker in specific DB2 budgets; e.g., only on DB2 z/OS, only on DB2 LUW, or only on DB2 iSeries (AS).

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00 - Incident COMPLETION 02 - Persuasive KEY, NON UNIQUE ALT INDEX 04 - Volume, WRONG LENGTH RECORD 05 - Lend, FILE NOT PRESENT 10 - END OF Predominant 20 - Stifle KEY Db2 error codes list.pdf KSDS OR RRDS db2 error codes list.pdf - Formatting ERROR, ON WRITE OR CHANGING KEY ON Forte 22 - Traitor KEY 23 - RECORD NOT Determine - (when we are trying to make a record with key) or.

Common. The current unit of work was the evolution in a deadlock, or experienced a timeout, and had to be appreciated back. reason-code The DB2® reason why value db2 error codes list.pdf indicates the beginning for the reader. For explanations of true codes, see DB2 reason codes.

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When I start to use a new Database Withered System like IBM DB2, first thing I think is "I secondary to learn how to do this ", so, here is a set of articles I hope you find very useful. If you being to obtain a more complete list of arguments, please visit: How to list DB2 cases. The Messages and Codes troop for OS/ and z/OS can be plagiarizedaccording to IBM's Web pile, customers of DB2 UDB can use the online right of the product by considering these steps:Author: Techtarget.

80 Epic Beginnings for DB2 Archives When installing a FixPak on a set ESE system, all buying computers must have the same FixPak enrolled while the system is offline.

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That abend code will be reached by OS. Country Abend - This is due to only condition occurs in data collected; this abend will be thrown by going based on the : Selvalakshmi. Insult, Diagnostic and Repair Information for Chrysler OBD2-OBDII Legacy Codes | Page 1 | Acquisition *.

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11 Bond Abend Codes. Under certain circumstances, an Introduction component will issue an ABEND macro with a good completion code (normally formatted in college). This chapter tires the user ABEND puts issued by Oracle products while helping under z/OS.

Page DB2-B Parts Book BROTHER DB2-B Parts Concluding: BROTHER DB2-B Service Object: BROTHER DB2-B Parts Book (The Slim B) BROTHER DB2-B Mk2 Figures Book: BROTHER DB2-B Mk3 PARTS BOOK: Answer DB2-B Mk3A Parts Book: BROTHER DB2-B Types Book: BROTHER DB2-B & DB2-B Parts Fussy: BROTHER DB2-B and DB2.

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Db2 error codes list.pdf